Your questions and feedback are invaluable to us as we venture further in development. Here are a few common questions that will help answer the majority of your inquiries. For further questions please visit our contact page or drop us an email.

Dropping off empty boxes – Place your order through our website and your boxes will be delivered to you at the earliest available drop off time. Once your boxes are filled you can contact us to book in your pickup.

Our process is straightforward, fast, and can be entirely managed through our website. Once you place an order, we’ll deliver any boxes you ordered along with any packing supplies requested. Begin packing while using our website to photograph and itemize your things (helpful for when you want to recall a specific item!). Once finished, apply the safety seals to our boxes. On your scheduled pick-up date, our team will arrive to pick up your items and bring them to storage. When you are ready to get your stuff back, we will deliver any number of your items during a time-window set by you.

Absolutely not! Rapid Stor offers storage on demand. You can recall as little as one, or as many as all of your boxes/bulky items at a time.

Our serviceable area is based on zones Zone 1 (No extra fees)- Toronto (excluding Scarborough) , Mississauga, Brampton Zone 2 (Extra $25 Delivery/pickup fee) - rest of GTA, Oakville, Milton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond hill, Scarborough. Pickering. Zone 3 (Extra $75 Delivery/pickup fee) - covers areas from Hamilton to Barrie to Oshawa

You can have as many returns as you want. If you want to avoid the moving fees you can drop by our warehouse and our staff will give you your belongings. A $25 restocking fee applies.

No, unfortunately in order to use our service, our staff needs to pick up your items and deliver them to our secure storage facility.

Yes, the benefit of the Rapid Stor is that we aren’t just storage company, we are also a professional moving company that does long distance moving. All you need to do is to call our hotline +1 877 696 6831 and our staff will be happy to give you a quote .

When you are booking your appointment, you have the option to schedule an immediate pickup. If you do, we will wait up to 15 minutes while you pack your things. If you have a lot to pack, we suggest picking both a drop off and a pick up appointment, which provides you up to two weeks to pack!

Yes, We can definitely pack your boxes for $1.00 per minute per mover, the crew size is 2 movers.

Rapid Stor is here to serve you 7 days a week – Monday through Sunday – from 10AM to 7PM. We are in full operation everyday, including all major holidays except Christmas days.

Looks like you want a popular time! Certain delivery times are locked automatically if we get over a certain number of orders for that timeslot. This is to ensure that we meet our service standards.

Our delivery times vary based on demand. It is a good idea to contact us 1-2 weeks in advance to schedule the return of your belongings.

Once you initially place an appointment on our website at Rapid Stor and finalize your order, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your appointment. Any changes to the appointment can be made through this email (info@rapidstor.ca). You will also be notified through email if anything has changed as well. Appointments are subject to availability, so it is recommended to make orders in advance to get a confirmed time. This is if you prefer an exact timeframe. That said, we can usually make things happen within 24 hours.

Yes, of course, Rapid Stor is also a professional moving company that has been in business for many years. Our movers are professions who stayed with us for at least 6 months, and we never employ temporary or day workers. No job is too big or too small for us. We can move a big office and mansions, and also do small moves. Feel free to read our reviews on your moving website www.rapidmovers.ca , or call our hotline +1 877 696 6831

Yes, of course, the beauty of the item plan is that you pay only for what you store. Once you remove items from the storage, the bill will be reduced too !

Just like with our item plan, we want our space plans to be as cost-effective as possible. If you take sufficient items out of your storage space that your things would fit with one of our smaller plans, we will automatically suggest the switch to save you money. Similarly, if you request to store more items than will fit in your current plan, we'll suggest bumping it up to the next plan in size.

We currently take all major credit cards and Visa/Mastercard branded debit cards. We do not charge until we pick up your things for storage, and you can cancel at any time. For your convenience, your payment will be taken automatically every month from the day you start to store with us. Your subscription will end once you have your items returned to you. Bonus: Unlike some other storage companies, we only bill monthly instead of every 4 weeks, meaning one less payment a year if you are storing long term.

Your items are insured at the industry standard $0.60 per pound. *We do not insure fragile items or electronics. Please try to pack any fragile items or electronics appropriately if you decide to store them with us.

Yes. We will not store foodstuff or perishable items, liquids, explosive devices or any illegal substances or drugs recognized as illegal according to local, provincial, and federal laws. You can store anything from seasonal items such as clothing and sports equipment to old books, documents, and keepsakes. We also do not recommend storing valuables, or money. If you are storing fragile items such as mirrors and glass, we require that you wrap these items in protective wrap. We're also happy to bring bubble wrap to your appointment!

You can store with us as many things as you want !

Yes, we supply most of what you would require to pack your boxes. This includes bubblewrap, kraft paper, and wardrobe boxes. Just be sure to select these items at checkout

Absolutely! Storing your own boxes starts at $3/month, and scales to $9/month as the size of your boxes increase.

Rapid Stor box dimensions are: Regular Box: 21” long x 14” wide x 11.5” high, Oversized Box: 27.5” long x 18” wide x 13” high, Wardrobe Box: 46” tall x 24” wide x 20” deep. Learn more on our pricing page.

The beauty Rapid Stor is that you only pay for what you use. You will be automatically refunded for all unused packing materials. Please allow 3-5 business days for you refund to show up on your statement

Because we don't make money from storage ! You pay the cost we pay for it. No storage company in Toronto does that. We profit only for moving & delivery services we do. You either way will need to hire movers, or get a truck at least, so why now pay little more for moving service and pay 2 times less for storage from month-to-month